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Company Profile:

Sheng-You Established in 1983, and with experience of more than twenty-five years, Sheng-You possesses topnotch professional technicians as the backing, has outstanding manufacturing ability, and abundant experience of planning. In response to the market’s uneven quality, and for solving your problems, we take protecting the client’s rights and interest, saving client's money, and easy-to-use equipment as the objectives. Our extensive client groups include 5 star hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions, organizations, composite chain restaurants, supermarkets, baking industry, beverage stores, eateries, and diners.

Our Features:

Sheng-You has stores as well as internet marketing. Our commodities have transparent prices with complete-with-nothing-missing specifications. We provide the clients the best and the most considerate service. The brand-new and second-hand products are exhibited for you to choose. Whether for just staring an enterprise, expansion, or renewal, Sheng-You has everything that you expect to find, and has satisfactorily complete categories. We are not afraid that you complain the products are expensive; we are only afraid that you don’t know to compare. Our products have absolute competitive advantage in the market. Welcome your visit to our company! And Sheng-You promises not letting you suffer losses or be duped!

Our Quality:

We are a supplier of refrigerating equipment with ISO Certification; the quality is stable, and it conforms to the market demands of environmental protection and energy saving. The main engine of the freezing equipment adopts high-efficacy compressor of world-known brand that is quieter for 20% and can save the electricity up to 20%, and that is super! We have professional kitchen equipment and restaurant equipment, high quality food machinery, refrigerating and air conditioning engineering planning capability, and our quality of construction is praised by all and trustworthy.

Our Service:(Sheng-You never closes the store for the night, and we serve you in 365 days)

From pre-sales technological consultation, overall equipment planning, to providing after-sales service, Sheng-You aims at each link to make considerations that do not leave out any detail; we offer absolute equipment quality guarantee which represents Sheng-You’s actual strength of taking the responsibility, conscientiousness, attentiveness, as well as a full promise to the equipment’s performance and quality!

Business Items:

Refrigerating and freezer equipment products:Commercial freezing/ refrigerating equipment, combinative freezer/ refrigerator, ice maker, ice water machine, freezer engineering, engineering of constant temperature/ humidity and dust-free room/ sterile room, and their repair and maintenance.

Food preparation equipment products: Kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, baking equipment, cooking equipment, food machinery, kitchen bar table stainless steel series, stainless steel products, Chinese/ Western kitchen stoves, water-cleaning style exhaust hoods, and lampblack machines. We welcome your visit and instruction, and we provide professional construction and design services, and planning design as well. Sheng-You will serve zealously for you.

      No.135-47, Zhongqing Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan / TEL:+886-4-2425-4595 / Fax:+886-4-2425-9822
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