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Automatic Ascending & Descending Deep Fryer Machine-SYHY-530

Model Number Size


Size:W280 x D520 x H360 mm 
Pot:W300 x D240 x H150 mm 
Net:W190x D240 x H100 mm 
Power:220V / 2800W 
Oil volume:8L 
Weight:12 kgs 
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‧Automatic ascending and descending by a timer.  It can be set from1  
 minute to 15 minutes according to type  of goods. No personnel need 
 to monitor and the frying process is safe and effective.
‧Oil is heat by electric tube inside the oil tank. It saves cook time and 
‧The oil temperature is controlled in order to extend the useful lifetime 
 of oil.
‧Easy to clean. The remnant is cleanable by removing electric tube and 
 the oil tank is removable for clean.

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